Microcurrent technology uses gentle electrical stimulation to trigger the body’s natural enhancement chemicals at both the cellular and muscular levels.

   Back in the early 1900’s, Dr. Albert Adams M.D. was the first physician who used equipment capable of detecting specific electric frequencies of living tissue. Each organ and tissue within the body emits an invisible energy or vibration in the form of specific frequencies. This allows the cells to communicate with each other and to organize, monitor, and regulate complex living processes. 
  When there is a disruption in this vibration or energy as a result of injury, illness, or the normal aging process, we begin to see the symptoms of this disruption in the form of skin atrophy and wrinkled deteriorating skin. Our SX series machine utilizes unique micro, nano, and pico technologies, patented specific frequency signatures, and unique constant waveform morphology to re-energize the cell and tissues back to their normal state of vibration.
How Microcurrent Therapy works
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