Symptom Elimination vs. Fixing the Problem

While the goal of most medicine, natural and traditional is to eliminate the symptoms, a trained TBA Practitioner uses your consultation time to evaluate and identify the most important health issues in your body. Symptom relief remedies can be made, but TBA protocol focuses on identifying the underlying cause of symptoms. When these causative factors are eliminated, symptoms may automatically disappear or it may take more than one remedy to be relieved. Do not assume that your remedy is not working if your symptoms are still present.  Changes are occurring within the body that you may not be feeling externally. Lack of results simply indicates that there are additional causative agents that will need attention in order for results to be fully achieved.
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TBA uses a very advanced form of kinesiology. The practitioner has more than one thousand samples of various antidotes. Through a precise protocol, a trained practitioner at Cross Current Health Care is able to find the primary systems that are off balance, and then track those to a series of antidotes that represent every probable cause. This includes viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemical contaminates, fungi, electronic contaminates, injury traumas, contaminates from IV injections, heavy metals, genetics and emotional stresses. Emotional stress will also make the body more susceptible to all the toxins listed above and TBA is very effective in identifying the stress in order to allow the person to begin healing.

There are three different types of TBA appointments, all are equally effective.  
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Our practitioners were trained through the Seminary of Natural Healing. For more information go to the following website:
Health Care Ministry International (HCMI)
Total Body Analysis (TBA)