Cross Current Health Care
The following are services provided in our office for more information click on the underlined title.
Total Body Analysis (TBA):
A consultation which includes a remedy made specifically for your needs.  

​HCG Detox Weight Loss Program:
Resets the hypothalamus to work more efficiently and rid the body of abnormal fat caused by eating refined foods, sugars, hydrogenated oils, and other processed foods.

Ionic Foot Baths: 
Energizes the body systems and aides in the removal of excessive toxic loads. 

Quantum Touch: 
Identifies and heals the mind and body blockages due to genetic imbalances.

Tuning Fork Resetting:  
Opens energetically blocked systems due to physical and/or emotional trauma.

Raindrop Therapy
Essential oils are administered to the spine to cleanse deep seated toxins along the spinal column, correct spinal curvature and stimulate the nerve centers of the body to fire more efficiently.